initial exam

Your initial exam is one of the most important visits you’ll have here!   We want to learn what you want for your teeth, concerns you have, your past dental experiences.   

Next, we will review your medical and dental history.  We will obtain radiographs (x-rays), and then we will evaluate each tooth for not just decay but bone loss and tissue health.  With all of the information gathered, we then formulate a plan with options for your treatment.  When you leave you will have a treatment estimate in writing for your reference.


As a new patient we obtain a series of x-rays that we use to diagnose and to aid in formulating a plan for your care.  Often we catch defects or decay at very early stages that we can’t see when we look in the mouth.  Treating at an early stage often leads to a less invasive treatment, shorter appointments and less post-operative sensitivity. 

Also, even though each tooth has its own identity it is only a piece of the whole puzzle that is your bite.  We evaluate how they come together to give you a plan that improves how you function overall, not just with that one little tooth. 

We value the patients’ knowledge and concerns about radiation.  Your values will be taken very seriously and we will do what we can to limit x-rays to only what is needed for diagnosis and proper treatment.  Dr. Adair feels strongly about patients feeling comfortable with every treatment and every diagnostic record, let her know so she can address your concerns.


This is one of the most valuable services we can provide.  A routine cleaning if started at a young age and continued throughout adolescence and adulthood will put you on track to a lifetime with your own teeth!  Regular maintenance allows us to get to know your dental health and habits so we can guide you when you need it.

We can also catch little problems before they grow.  One thing that often surprises patients is that teeth usually don’t hurt until the decay or defects have developed to the point that they need more than a filling. 

Finally, having your teeth cleaned removes stain, improves breath and makes for a powerful addition to any wardrobe! 

Periodontal Therapy

You may have heard this called “scaling and root planning” or a “deep cleaning”.  Over time, if not properly maintained, teeth can build bacterial deposits that calcify.  These deposits cannot be removed with brushing and flossing.  If not removed by your hygienist, the bacteria will cause an inflammatory process that can lead to red and puffy gums, bone loss, bad breath, discomfort and ultimately tooth loss if left untreated.  During your initial exam, if you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, we will recommend periodontal therapy.

This treatment is usually separated over two appointments but in some cases can be done in one visit.  The areas of focus will be anesthetized so that all of the bacterial deposits on the roots of the teeth can be removed effectively with no discomfort.

Six weeks following the periodontal therapy we will reevaluate the body’s response to treatment and the patient’s ability to maintain their hygiene at home.  From there we will determine a maintenance interval that will keep the patient from having disease progression.  This interval is different for each patient.


Gingival therapy is indicated in cases where a patient has signs of infection in the gums, with bleeding and the accumulation of bacterial deposits.  However, there is no bone loss yet.  Patients that require gingival therapy just require a tighter maintenance schedule to get them back on track to health.  This is a great way to circumvent periodontal disease and permanent damage to the bone and tissue.  Although many insurances only provide for cleanings every six months, it is important to establish a customized interval with your provider.  Development of disease and all of the risk factors are different for everyone.  


There are many options for whitening your smile.  At home whitening is one of the most convenient and cost efficient ways to whiten.  For this therapy, we take impressions of the teeth and fabricate custom trays to deliver the whitening agent.  We give you your teeth models to store your trays.  This way you can use them for years whenever you feel the need to freshen up before a big event or a first impression.  The gels are available whenever you need them.  A whitening cycle usually lasts 10 days and you can expect one half to one full shade from a full treatment.  Not everyone’s teeth whiten well, so ask Dr. Adair when you come in and see what your options are. 

We also have in-office whitening.  This appointment takes about an hour.  The whitening material is turbo charged.  You whiten for up to three cycles and it often whitens your teeth as much as the at home trays.  This is for people on the go who do not want to commit to the at home responsibility.  Quick and easy!