A Happy Smile is contagious!

For many years, dentistry has centered around the treatment and prevention of dental disease by cleaning the teeth and repairing them as needed.  Anything beyond that was considered “cosmetic.”  At Adair Dental Medicine, we want to change the way patients perceive dentistry and comprehensive health management while ensuring ALL of our work is cosmetic.  We do this through education and providing new treatment therapies that strengthen the patients’ oral environment instead of sterilizing it.

Most importantly we want to provide beautiful dentistry that is strong and long lasting, with the best materials offered.  Dr. Adair works very closely with a premier dental lab in the area to make life-like restorations that are customized for each patient.  We strive for our patients to have smiles that give them the confidence to pursue that promotion they’ve been working for or to change the way they feel about an upcoming high school reunion.  A happy smile is contagious!